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Trusted DEIB thought leader


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Sonji Young

As a proud native of St. Louis, Missouri, Sonji Young is one of today's emerging leaders in the field of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging. Sonji's more than 12 years of experience in the field of DEIB has equipped her to successfully lead strategy for notable Fortune 500 companies, including the United States' largest semiconductor, Intel Corporation.

Having cultivated a career that spans across industries such as tech, healthcare and government, Sonji has uniquely shaped the culture of each organization in which she has made a meaningful impact.



"My commitment to inclusion and diversity was always at the core of my work to serve others."

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A steward for inclusive culture

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Engaging diverse

Fostering greater  belonging for all

"Be willing to try new things and give yourself room to make mistakes. If you fail, fail fast and get back up with a greater sense of what you need to improve."


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 "I’m inspired by Sonji on a regular basis. Sonji’s insightful, encouraging, wise guidance on DEI inspires me to have  growth mindset."

Pamela Slaughter


“Sonji is a rare and authentic GEM! A great humanitarian and advocate who has always found the time to share her thoughts,ideas, and unique talents to enlighten, inspire and lift others.

Georgia Brown


“Sonji is a talented executive. She is collaborative and an excellent consensus-builder. She synthesizes complex situations easily and offers impactful and practical solutions. She is smart, emotionally intelligent, and a pleasure to work with..”

Sarah Sise

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